I have been working at blending my styles (from illustration, abstraction to surrealism, pop art) and techniques (from drawing, painting to screenprinting, sculpture) into expressive images of a unique mythology forged from everything I know, think, and feel. My work is a window into the dimension of a mythology that is universally symbolic. I imagine everything, natural and man-made, as symbolic and related. For example: the blue sky and water combine with the yellow sun to create green foliage; and humans are related to trees if you compare their roots and trunks and limbs.

I begin the process by playing with a piece of found art or raw material. Creating forms and images by impulse, with an abstract view rather than a preconceived subject, I discover elements of representation that I later developed further. Hints of character or scene develop from abstract environments and layers of textures within which shapes and/or patterns are accented thereby define elements and create a narrative. The characters and stories of this mythology are harvested from all the sources of my interest and experience. Elements of popular and high culture are blended, erasing boundaries by incorporating techniques of commercial and fine art, providing a common ground that all viewers can relate to.

Carl Cowden III - 2011